First Friday Art Online | Fredericksburg TX

First Friday Art Online | Fredericksburg TX


Several years ago, the art galleries in Fredericksburg Texas joined together to host a monthly art event:  Fbg First Friday Art Walk.

Many participating local art galleries keep their doors open late, for this self-guided walking tour.  Visitors can browse each gallery who are representing their various artists.

Western Galleries, Fredericksburg's first 100% online art gallery, is pleased to host Fredericksburg's First Friday Art ONLINE! 

New original artwork is released to the public on the first Friday of the month. 

This is a great opportunity for those who cannot visit Fredericksburg to spend time 
exploring visual creativity from the comfort of your home, on any viewing device!  

And WG email subscribers are given first opportunity to preview and purchase the art displayed in the First Friday Online Gallery the day before it's open to the public! It's like first-dibs.  

So be sure to subscribe to the WG email newsletters on WG's Home Page and view the current online exhibit!



First Friday online art gallery


Vereins-Kirche, downtown Fredericksburg Tx.

The Vereins-Kirche (Society Church), the most recognized building in historic downtown Fredericksburg, was the first building built by Fredericksburg's German immigrants in 1847, and is located at Marketplatz, the town square.

Designed by Dr. Schubert of the Adelsverein, it was built following an ancient German style known as the Carolingian Octagon, exemplified by the original portion of the cathedral of Charlemagne at Aachen. In the 1800’s, all of the local religious groups in Fredericksburg used the building on Main Street, and it was often called the Kaffeemühle (coffee mill) for its octagonal shape.



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