About Us

In 2001, we took the plunge and opened our family-owned art business in our hometown - Fredericksburg Texas!    

Fredericksburg was founded in 1846 by German immigrants.  It began as a quiet little village in which artists have always been attracted to with the scenic Hill Country, and it has grown into one of the top wine, travel, and western fine art destinations in Texas!    

Fredericksburg has been named one of the "TOP FIVE WESTERN ART TOWNS" by Southwest Art Magazine. 

We are proud to say that we're multi-generational Texas ranchers & farmers.  
Fine art also runs deep in our family roots, with many creatives working in various mediums and styles.

Combining our country roots with old-fashioned small town ethics and integrity, we want to help inspire, promote, and preserve our western heritage through art, for future generations to enjoy.  

Western Galleries strives to provide outstanding artwork, connecting a growing network of very talented artists, along with great customer service, consulting, and a user-friendly website for online art collectors.

Whether you are a seasoned art connoisseur, or just starting to build your personal art collection, Western Galleries has been dedicated to the fine art industry for over 20+ years - and we continue on!


New originals are directly from the artist's studio.  
The artist is notified when orders are received, and prepares the artwork for shipping or pick-up (by appointment).   
Some items are available for local delivery.



Simply contact us to schedule a private art viewing, or just let us know if you have any questions!   
Please include the artist name(s) and title(s) that you're interested in.



Be sure to create your account if you haven't done so already.  
Clients can log-in from any device to view your shopping cart, purchase history, tracking, etc.

All email subscribers are automatically entered into any prize drawings. 

We encourage collectors to keep the artist's bio and paperwork with the artwork for provenance
Fine Art can last for many generations, and the provenance will serve as a guide for the history, and authenticity, for future art collectors to better understand and admire.

Estate art (previously owned), will be clearly identified in the listing.  
All known provenance (history, previous ownership, paperwork, Certificate of Authenticity, etc) that we have obtained with the art will be shown.

Over the years, we've spearheaded and participate in promoting and supporting art in our local schools, and other community fundraisers.   Our artwork has helped raise thousands of dollars for our community!

We care about ranchers because we are active ranchers & farmers.  But we also enjoy viewing America's Wild Horses who are a living icon of our unique American history, and western frontier.  Sadly, wild horses are still experiencing many on-going conflictive issues.
Partial proceeds from our equine & wild horse gallery sales are donated to Wild Horse non-profits, who are dedicated to keeping safe numbers of wild horses left - in the wild - for future generations to enjoy!  

When you purchase art at Western Galleries, you are helping to support our artists, and your support helps us to keep paying it forward!

Thanks for visiting! 




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