Please review the list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) below. If you are unable to find your answer, please feel free to contact us.


• Do you offer FREE Shipping / Pick-up / Delivery?
  Yes, many items are available for local pick-up or delivery in Fredericksburg Texas.  
Some artists may also offer pick-up directly at their studio, which can be in other towns.   
Simply contact us to set-up a private art viewing, pick-up, or delivery.
+ Free USA ground shipping on orders over $100.    
Rush shipping or special orders may have add'l shipping fees.

• Can I view the art in person before purchasing?
  Yes - simply contact us for more info, and to set-up a private viewing appointment.  Please include the Artist(s) name & Title(s) that you're interested in. 

• Where are you located? 
Fredericksburg TX.  Western Galleries is a 100% ONLINE ART GALLERY representing artists from Fredericksburg and other areas. 

• What is provenance?  
  When you invest in art, you are also investing in the artist.   Artwork can last for many generations, and keeping the provenance with the art is important.  Some clients tuck paperwork on the back of the frame, or catalog the artwork & its paperwork in estate records.  
provenance will serve as a guide for the artwork's history and authenticity for future generational art collectors to understand and admire.

• Do you offer any Military Discounts?
  We want to try and help honor our Vets & First Responders, so please simply contact us prior to ordering with your ID, along with the Title & Artist that your interested in.  
Please understand that some items may not be eligible for discounts, or the offer may not be combined with other special offers, promos, & discounts.

 • Can I print my own copy of an image that's on your website - I just want a small copy for myself. 
 • I purchased your artwork, so I own it right?  Can I photograph and print a copy for my friend/family?
  The © copyright (ownership of the image) is the exclusive property of the artist who created it.  Copyright is for the life of the artist plus + 70 years as according to US Federal Law.  The copyright is not automatically transferred to collectors when artwork is purchased, and only the copyright owner (© artist) can legally make any reproductions as they wish.    Do not print your own by using our website images, or copy any purchased artwork without first obtaining written permission (usage license) from the artist.   
 It's best to respect artist's rights - simply contact us first if you're not sure.   Include a description on which image(s) you would like to use, & how you would like to use them.   Email: info@westerngalleries.com 

What is the difference between OPEN EDITION, LIMITED EDITION (LE), & ARTIST PROOFS (AP) reproduction prints?
- OPEN EDITIONS are economical and are often a starting point for beginning collectors.  OPEN EDITIONS can be any size, or type, printed over and over again, as the artist chooses, at anytime. They may be signed or unsigned, but they are not part of a limited edition. 

-  SIGNED & NUMBERED LIMITED EDITIONS (LE S/N).  These are a hand signed, preset numbered edition with the total # of prints in the edition clearly stated on each piece.  
  Artists can create various sizes & options of LIMITED EDITIONS from the same image. For example, there can be a 16x20 LE canvas, 16x20 LE paper print, or a 20x30 LE acrylic print.

- ARTISTS PROOFS (AP).  These are typically the first prints created with a LIMITED EDITION series given to the artist and will be numbered and advertised as an AP.  ARTIST PROOFS are considered more collectable & are typically more expensive.  In the long-run, an AP may retain its value more than a LIMITED EDITION or OPEN EDITION.

• What is a Giclée Print?
Giclee is a French meaning  "to spray".  Inks are directly & fine sprayed onto canvas or paper prints.  Today's top level printing labs use state-of-the-art equipment and archival inks.
Longevity test show that archival inks to be colorfast for approx 100-200 years with standard care.  

• What is the floating frame depth on the framed canvas?  
  The poplar wood floating frames on canvas prints are 1.75" depth and are sourced exclusively from certified sustainable forests in the USA.  Framed canvas prints are shipped ready to hang. 
Floating frame colors:  white, black, walnut brown.

• What is the best way to clean my artwork?
Please see Care & Handling.

• Would you please consider donating artwork for our fundraiser?
  We have helped numerous fundraising campaigns since we first launched our small business in 2001, and our artwork has been very successful at fundraisers!   Please understand that we are a business, and may be able to sell selected print(s) to your non-profit or charitable group at wholesale pricing or with other arrangements. 
Please keep in mind that original pieces of art, such as oil paintings, may not qualify.
Send us an email to set-up your account and get more information.  Include your non-profit tax ID number, and fundraiser date & info.  Its best to contact us well in advance (2-3+ months) of the planned event for the creation of the art, as well as advertising deadlines.