Collection: Nan Henke

Artist | Nan Henke | Western Galleries Fredericksburg Texas

  My focus is to paint the treasures of the Texas Hill Country in order to brighten homes near and far, but I am also happy to paint commissions to preserve charming moments in your life.
Sometimes people ask about the symbol at the beginning of my art signature. For over 100 years, the Rocking O has been the registered brand for the Henke Ranch, and I brand my paintings with it.  
  When I ask myself why I continue to create art, I recall that I am a deeply ingrained introvert...  I suspect that God has been using the making, marketing and teaching of art to draw me out of my shell and into the kind of relationships where people can create together and talk about things that they really care about.

• John Michael Kohler Museum, Sheboygan Wisconsin
• Art Exhibitions in Boerne, Comfort, Fredericksburg, & San Angelo Tx.

Fredericksburg Art Guild / Workshop Instructor
Die Künstler von Fredericksburg (DK)