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Artist Annette Bennett Fredericksburg TX

I was raised a city girl, but always had a passion for farm animals and majored in Animal Science at Texas Tech and Texas A&M.  After retiring from the working world, I took up watercolors – and now it is my passion.
I always saw livestock as a commodity – a number – a product.  It wasn’t until I started painting that the animals connected more with me than painting a barn or a tree. I paint as a way to connect with the animals and see them in a different way – an elegance – a majesty – some fun – and yes, some glamor. I feel that each painting has a life of its own and that each animal has developed a personality.  I enjoy sharing this with others who can look at my paintings and laugh, smile, or admire.
I hope that when you look at these animals – you will also see them in a new way!

Die Künstler von Fredericksburg (DK)

• OCTOBER 6th 2023 -  First Friday Online Exhibition -  COMING SOON

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