For Artists




We appreciate your interest in working with us!  

If you are a dedicated professional artist, age 18 years or older, actively working on growing your art career & interested in partnering with Western Galleries, please send email to:

Subject line:  Artist Submission


1> Your contact Info 
Name, Address, Phone, etc., website and social media artist page(s).

2> Biography
+plus any recent collections, awards, press, etc.

3>  Recent art gallery representations (art gallery name/city/state)  and/or shows.

4>.  Attach UP TO FIVE JPEG photos (smaller / medium sized files)

Submitted photos must be of your own original art.  Don't submit art that was created with help from an instructor, workshop, or copied from another artist.

Submissions are reviewed by our curator/staff.  If we feel our online gallery is the platform to showcase your artwork, we will contact you regarding the next steps.

Please understand that it could take a while to get back, and we may only respond to those who follow the guidelines listed above.

If we choose not to move forward with your artwork at this time, or if you do not receive a response from us,  it does not automatically say anything about the quality of your art.  

At any time, WG may close artist submissions or limit the dates submissions are accepted.