Collection: Allen Turk


Artist Allen Turk | Western Galleries | Fredericksburg TX

Allen's art style started at an early age when he received a paint-by-numbers kit as a youth.  It didn’t take long for him to get bored with coloring inside the lines, so he started experimenting with mixing colors to see how it would turn out.  He learned much about (not) following the rules. 
A self-taught artist
, Allen enjoys the entire process of creating; from sanding, prepping, and stretching the blank canvas, to completing the finished piece of fine art...


The Allen Turk Collection

Mr Turk is graciously donating proceeds from sales of his artwork towards helping our Texas Panhandle farmers & ranchers affected by the devastating fires & weather! 

Contact us to set up an appointment to view available artwork in person here in Fredericksburg  - or purchase online!