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Weigand Farm

Dehydrated Sourdough Starter

Dehydrated Sourdough Starter

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• 10 grams sourdough starter dried crumbles.
• Shipped in a food-safe envelope packet.
• Easy to follow steps to hydrate your starter.


Our family’s heirloom sourdough starter has been made with ORGANIC all-purpose white wheat flour on our farm in the Texas Hill Country.

During its peak activity, a portion is carefully dried at room temperature - not heat dried.

Follow the simple steps (included) for activating and maintaining your starter.

Within a few days your starter will be thriving! Bake your own homemade sourdough bread, rolls, pizza crust, pancakes, & more! There's many online recipe ideas & options.

Why sourdough? Its tasty & healthy!
- Sourdough has MANY health benefits & has proven itself very versatile.
- Its live cultures are rich in nutrients & probiotics for better gut health.
- When compared to other breads, the sourdough's natural fermentation process adds flavor, is easier for your body to digest, and offers a lower glycemic index for those watching blood sugar levels.

We love baking, and we come from several generations of bakers creating country style breads & other yummy goods for our family, and many others in our area!

And home-baked breads are always better than store bought.

Also makes a great gift - add to a gift basket!


Wheat (organic white wheat flour), natural sourdough culture.
Refrigeration not required for dehydrated crumbles.  Store in pantry, or cabinet at room temp.
Weigand Farm


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